Comfy & Snug Wholesale Pajama Sets

Pajama sets and thermal wear are one of the most popular sleepwear choices worldwide. A pair of pajamas is just what people need to feel comfortable and ready for their night time rest, particularly in the winter season when temperatures are low. Given that many people around the world often go to sleep wearing their favourite pajamas, there will always be a market demand for a new pair.pajamas


We are one of the largest pajama wholesale suppliers in the region

Citisun Trading offers an extensive range of high quality pajama sets and thermal wear in a variety of colours, styles, and designs. We have various choices for men and women, and for all ages – for babies and children to teens and adults. Our wholesale pajama sets are made from ultra soft 100% cotton fabric that sits comfortably on the skin. Whether for men’s, women, ladies or children, we have high quality pajama sets and thermal wear for your customers with attractive packaging at very reasonable prices.


Why choose Citisun as your pajamas wholesale supplier

One of the advantages of partnering with an established supplier like Citisun is you get the peace of mind that you are sourcing only quality products consistently. We have research and manufacturing facilities in South Korea and China that allow us to continuously innovate our products and offer the best possible quality.


Plus, with our vast distribution network in the Middle East and Africa, we are capable of providing your retail outlet with enough supplies right when you need them. Now, you no longer have to spend resources in stocking and maintaining inventory or running out of stock.


As one of the biggest pajama wholesale suppliers in the region, we offer you the opportunity to leverage our logistics and resources to offer the best to your customers. You can rest assured that all the sets of pajamas and other innerwear we will deliver to you are in good quality and are packaged carefully.


Looking to buy pajamas wholesale and at a competitive price? Get in touch with us today to know more about our products and services.