Top-quality Wholesale Boxer Briefs and Shorts


Boxers are a staple wardrobe item for most men and teenagers. In the United States alone, boxers comprise about 40% of the demand for men’s underwear. Most males prefer it over tight briefs because it offers better comfort and more freedom for movement. As such, it is not surprising that the demand for quality and comfortable wholesale boxer shorts is strong, even in the local market of UAE.

We supply high-quality wholesale boxers to UAE and the Middle East

Seeing that there is considerable demand for men’s boxers both in the local and regional markets, Citisun Trading brings its line of quality boxer short and briefs to meet this need. Our product line of wholesale boxers includes boxer briefs and shorts available for men and boys in a range of styles, designs, and materials.

Backed by our associated research and production facilities, our team of experts have come up with a collection of high quality boxers with attractive packaging that guarantees high turnover and profit margins.

Partner with a trusted boxer shorts wholesale supplier today

With a boxer wholesale supplier like Citisun, you can be sure that the brands and products you are carrying are of guaranteed quality. Our company and staff follow a strict set of quality standards to ensure that we carefully select the items we bring to the table – from the manufacturing phase to transporting the products to your outlets and branches, we bring you first-rate products that you can confidently offer to your target market.

Are you interested in sourcing boxer shorts wholesale? If your organisation is interested in capitalising on this business opportunity, Citisun Trading Company is the right supplier and partner company you are looking for. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and request a quotation of our range of boxers shorts and briefs.